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Easily build supplement plans for optimal health

70K+ practitioners use FarLong DirecTCM to dispense quality supplements, directly to patients or in-office, while supporting healthy habits.

Integrative care + active support = healthier outcomes that last

Thousands of practitioners use FarLong DirecTCM to simplify their workflow, grow their practice, and yield better patient outcomes.

Personalized care

Custom protocols and features to personalize any treatment plan.

Treatment adherence

Tools, education, and reminders to help support behavior change.

Supplement support

World-class wellness products with virtual dispensing or wholesale ordering.

Our Platform

FarLong DirecTCM offers a specialized software solution for healthcare practitioners focusing on traditional Chinese medicine (TCM).


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Products in our catalog follow strict quality standards and practitioners decide what their patients pay.

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FarLong DirecTCM integrates with leading EHRs so you can recommend supplements in your existing workflow.



DirecTCM updates, culture, and more.

Wellness blog

Education for practitioners and patients.


100+ recordings of practitioner discussions.


Our library of evidence-based protocols.

Practice resources

Patient handouts, infographics and more.

Ingredient library

Decision support for supplement ingredients.


FarLong DirecTCM provides dedicated practitioner support, patient assistance, various contact options including email and phone support, and an interactive chat feature for instant help.

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Overview of Services

Supplement Quality and Pricing

FarLong DirecTCM's catalog is curated with the highest quality standards in mind, adhering to traditional formulations. Practitioners can set personalized pricing for their patients.

Integration with EHRs

The platform seamlessly integrates with leading Electronic Health Records (EHRs) systems, thereby streamlining the practitioner's workflow.


FarLong DirecTCM is accessible at no cost to both patients and practitioners.

Education to support adherence and supplements

Practitioner resources

Download infographics, handouts, whitepapers and more to help support you and your patients.

Wellness blog

Explore our award-winning blog to find hundreds of wellness topics for patients and practitioners.

FarLong DirecTCM's Commitment

Emphasizes its dedication to supporting healthcare practitioners, empowering patients through traditional methods, and fostering strong partnerships between practitioners and patients.

We deliver real support

We equip practitioners and patients with world-class software, resources, and customer support to get better and stay better.

We empower people

There’s no one-size-fits-all approach to health and wellness. We’re dedicated to making them both more personalized than ever.

We believe in partnerships

Wellness is a journey best navigated between practitioner and patient — one we make seamless with our powerful platform.


Testimonials and stories from various FarLong DirecTCM professionals who endorse FarLong DirecTCM.

Dr. Meghan Walker, ND – FarLong DirecTCM user since 2013
Dr. Meghan Walker, ND – FarLong DirecTCM user since 2013
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I’m always looking for the most impactful tools to support my patients. FarLong DirecTCM drives compliance and health outcomes.
Dr. Robin Berzin, MD – Founder of Parsley Health, FarLong DirecTCM user since 2014
Dr. Robin Berzin, MD – Founder of Parsley Health, FarLong DirecTCM user since 2014
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"I really think you're (FarLong DirecTCM) an essential service for the healthcare system."
Dr. Jeffrey Bland, PhD – Founder of the Institute for Functional Medicine
Dr. Jeffrey Bland, PhD – Founder of the Institute for Functional Medicine
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The adherence program and tools FarLong DirecTCM's developed are a significant step forward for improving patient engagement and influencing positive behavior change.
Dr. Chris Oswald, DC
Dr. Chris Oswald, DC
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When I first started out in the industry, options like FarLong DirecTCM weren’t available! The convenience for patients is huge...They get reminders. It paves a path.

Wellness isn’t easy, but it can be simpler

Improve outcomes and grow your practice on FarLong DirecTCM for $0/month.

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